What are virtual game bets and how to bet?

10jili.link start by explaining what virtual game betting is. Surely you have already deduced it from the name, but, just in case, here is a definition.

Virtual games are a simulation of sporting events. Its operation is more similar to that of a casino than to sports betting as such. In these virtual realities you decide your predictions. The operation is completely random, based on a series of system algorithms. Unlike real matches where you can study the conditions, here you depend on chance.

The big difference compared to real bets is that they are available 24 hours a day. Additionally, you are not dependent on a competition calendar that governs the bets you can place. You will see this option in modalities such as FIFA, LOL or Call of Duty, among others. In this case, we are talking about electronic sports.

Virtual Games Betting

In this table we leave you some of the operators in Mexico that offer virtual online games. We have selected those that, in our opinion, offer the best service.

These bonuses may vary over time, so we advise you to review each operator. In order to access any of them, it is necessary to be registered and meet a series of requirements.

Betting markets most common virtual games: what sport can I bet on?
The virtual games betting market is very broad. Depending on the sport you choose, you will find more or less predictions. You will be surprised with all the options you have available from operators.

Below, we leave you different sections with the most common ones. In addition to these, you could also find others such as Formula 1, tennis, basketball, etc. Choose the one you like the most, but remember to always play responsibly.

Bet on virtual football

In sports betting, the champion is football and here it was no different. Simulated soccer tournaments have flourished in recent years. There are many teams and matches that you can bet on at any time.

Fictitious team names are usually used. It is possible that the competition will also be simulated with the rest of the teams in the table. The best thing is that these games have been gradually improving their graphics.

The type of virtual game bets that you can make is very similar. Choose between match winner, result, number of goals, handicap bets, etc.

In fact, last year, the Liga BBVA MX played several matches through FIFA. This competition was a replica of the Clausura tournament that was never played.

Virtual horse betting

Horse betting also attracts a large number of spectators. Fans of this modality invade the racetracks to see their lucky horses up close.

In virtual online games, the horse will not be real. You will bet on an online race made by computer that recreates the most impressive scenarios. Again, the result is totally random, anything can happen.

Although each operator offers its own bets on virtual games, the features are similar. The minimum number of clues that usually appear is 4. Bet on the winner, the prediction or Every way, among others.

Virtual Greyhound Betting

The other quintessential racing competition is greyhound racing. Again, the idea is to recreate a dog track in the best possible way. During the 24 hours a day the races happen one after another.

Additionally, as in all virtual game bets, you will be able to follow the broadcast of the event. As a requirement, you will have to be registered and identify yourself with your username and password.

You can bet on the winner, the position, make double or even multiple bets. If you have control over this discipline, it will be easier for you to adapt to the characteristics of these virtual online games.

Types of bets available for virtual sports

We recommend that you do not start betting on virtual games until you know the types of predictions. These knowledge are a basic point on how to win in virtual games.

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